Accessibility Tools


BibleCourier is an electronic pocket Bible designed especially for someone who is blind or visually impaired. BibleCourier weighs about 4 ounces including batteries and is about the size of a pocket New Testament (4 by 2 by .75 inches). BibleCourier is very portable and small enough to easily fit in a shirt pocket or a purse. The Bible is powered by two double A size batteries which will run BibleCourier for several months of normal use or more than 30 hours of continuous reading.

The BibleCourier memory holds your choice of two complete Bible translation (both the Old and New Testaments). All Bible texts will come with a users guide in a digital format. Note that the extra Apocrypha books (Tobit, Judith, Ecclesiasticus, Wisdom, Baruch, additions to Esther, additions to Daniel, and First and Second Maccabees) are now included with the New Jerusalem Bible (NJB) and the King James Version with Apocrypha.

The BibleCourier's two Bible versions are easily identified or switched between using the "star key" and "zero key" in combination. Each Bible maintains its own last location and bookmark environment. This allows the user to easily study two different Bible translations in parallel. Of course the books being independent means the focus can also be set at different places in the two Bibles.

BibleCourier like a telephone keypad has twelve buttons on its face with a raised dot above the five key. These keys allow the user to quickly navigate through the books, chapters and verses of the talking digital Bible. Each key also has built in help when held down until two beeps are heard.

BibleCourier has many other features including the ability to read forward or back by sentence. You can set book marks at favorite verses, and Power Search (that is, jump forward or back half the distance) among the books, chapters, and verses of the Bible. There is even a sleep timer which can be set to stop the reading after a specified time to conserve battery power. A page of BibleCourier key summaries is available to help you learn these functions.